Welcome to Piperton, Tennessee                                           

Piperton TN, incorporated in 1974, is a key gateway between Fayette and Shelby County, situated in the southwest corner of Fayette County, adjoining the town of Collierville and Shelby County to the west and Marshall County, Mississippi to the south. The Piperton city limits and its urban growth boundary contain many of the proposed interchanges along Interstate 269 as it traverses the western border of Fayette County.

Piperton has a Mayor/Commissioner form of government, Planning commission, Industrial Development Board, Police Department and a well-run fire department staffed by 8 full time and approximately 20 volunteer firefighters, Advanced EMTs, and First Responders. Due to the excellence exhibited by the Piperton Fire Department, the city has long enjoyed an ISO rating of 3.

Piperton currently provides water through a city owned utility system and has adopted a plan for expansion for the water system and the development of sewage treatment facilities. A comprehensive land-use plan has been adopted by the city and it provides potential sites for a wide range of land uses.

Piperton has been at the forefront of efforts in Fayette County to implement zoning and development guidelines designed to encourage market responsive development while preserving the rural ambiance for which the area is known. The city's long range plan proposes that Piperton will develop into a well rounded community where people can live, work, and play rather than just growing into a destination.

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